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November 29, 2015


Medibles are edible food’s with THC added. Cooking with marijuana is a great way to ingest marijuana and mask the taste.  Medibles come in a variety of types. Basic cooking ingredients, beverages, completely prepared food, ice cream and candy. Medibles are for people that do not want to or cannot smoke marijuana itself because of their condition. As mentioned medibles come in a variety of foods that are manufactured with patients needs in mind.  With medibles, the THC is combined either with food or some liquid. Most people think of brownies but in some cases marijuana can be ground up and made into flour, there are many recipes available for cooking including cake, milk, cookies, pies, butter and ice cream recipes also!

Medibles in many ways are a better way to get THC into the body because there is no smoke to deal with and ingesting marijuana will give you the full potency of the medication. A lot of waist happens when it is smoked. There are also Vaporizers that are also supposed to eliminate the smoke problem but they can be expensive.


We have several flavors of rock candy.Each package of candy is one dose. The equivalent of 1gram. As you can see we also offer sugar free recipes for the diabetic.

Regular:                           Diabetic

1 pack – $8.00                     1 pack – $10.00

2 packs – $12.00                 2 packs – $18.00

4 packs – $20.00                4 packs – $35.00

We also have a great variety of delicious treats! Including brownies, fudge, s’mores bars, and wrightous treats (rice krispies)!

$5.00 each or 5 for $20.00